Promoting Responsibility and Integrity

The JobsOhio Board of Directors holds itself and the JobsOhio team to the highest standards of corporate governance. Our Board provides the framework for policies that promote accountability, transparency, and responsible business practices. Within that framework JobsOhio promotes a culture of integrity and dedication to ethics principles that apply to our employees and directors.

In fulfilling our unique mission as a private, nonprofit corporation, we are diligent in complying with our statutory reporting requirements and follow best management practices that support transparency and accountability beyond those requirements.

Under State and Federal law, the JobsOhio Board, officers, and staff are subject to an array of oversight, accountability, and transparency requirements. As part of our public disclosure requirements and in support of accountability we have, among other things, Conflicts of Interest and Standards of Conduct policies, as well as annual Ethical Conduct Pledges that are signed by all JobsOhio employees, officers, and board members.

For questions about our Corporate Governance and disclosure policies, please contact the General Counsel at JobsOhio.

Don Grubbs
General Counsel
JobsOhio Compliance Hotline