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JobsOhio’s managing directors and other senior level team members are experts in business and industry with decades of experience at some of the world’s leading companies. Our executives regularly publish blogs that provide valuable insight, expert commentary and general information about topics relevant to Ohio economic development. Their thought leadership helps business leaders – both those in Ohio and those thinking about coming to Ohio – learn about and understand the benefits of doing business in Ohio.


Carbon Fiber Poised to Revolutionize Ohio Industries

Stronger and lighter materials appeal to many industries
Glenn Richardson, managing director of advanced manufacturing, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, but about two-thirds the weight and is heat resistant. JobsOhio has made it a priority to foster carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite advancements that are cost-effective using Ohio's many resources.


Why the JobsOhio Model Works

With a unique business model, JobsOhio operates unlike any other state economic development organization.
David Mustine, senior advisor, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

JobsOhio has a unique business model. Unlike other state economic development organizations, JobsOhio is a nonprofit company that has a private funding stream and an independent board of directors. This structure is designed for continuity and long-term stability.


Cool Cincinnati Startup Excels in Ohio Tech Environment

Tech companies thrive with cost savings, talent
Milind Paranjape, director, JobsOhio
March 28, 2018

No longer will data be hindered by a lost signal or lack of Wi-Fi. LISNR, a Cincinnati startup, is turning heads with its advanced data-over-audio technology, proving that amazing tech advancements are happening in Ohio.


Ohio's Health Tech Industry is Changing Health Care Delivery

A thriving healthcare industry supports health care's tech innovation
Aaron Pitts, senior managing director, JobsOhio
March 19, 2018

Ohio is a great location for opportunities in health tech, the intersection of health care and information technology. Ohio's thriving healthcare industry made up of industry-leaders and startups provides a rich base for growth.


Internet of Things is Enabling All Industries

Internet of Things (IoT) offers unlimited opportunities for all industries in Ohio
Ted Griffith, managing director, JobsOhio
March 13, 2018

Ohio is well-positioned to support and benefit from IoT. JobsOhio is supporting this cross sector strategy, finding ways to connect companies with the resources that will help them use and advance their IoT capabilities.


Accessing Funds at a Speed That Is a “Billon” Times Faster

Fintech71 Spotlight: Billon
Fintech71 Staff
February 14, 2018

The transaction process can be painful, but Billon is working to eliminate the hassles of payments and any potential for hacking. The money goes directly from one person to another without any intermediaries. Whether you’re sending a large payment or transferring even 1 cent, Billon makes it possible without fixed fees, waiting, risks or paperwork. Thanks to Fintech71, companies such as Billon are getting excited about the opportunities that Ohio offers for a fintech competitive advantage.