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Ohio: America’s Innovation Corridor

A strong IT innovation network drives the evolution of smart mobility
Milind Paranjape, director of information technology, JobsOhio
November 13, 2017

Ohio supports a strong network of academic institutions, research facilities and businesses that collaborate, discover and commercialize new innovation. In the age of smart transportation, Ohio’s collaborative IT innovation network plays a large role in the technology that powers automated and autonomous vehicles, among other things.

Customizing Healthcare Solutions with 3D-Printing

From pharmaceuticals to hearts, Ohio is applying this innovative tech
Aaron Pitts, Managing Director of Healthcare, JobsOhio
October 27, 2017

3D-printing has been around since the 80s, but within the last decade it has gained steam in several industries including healthcare. Today, Ohio and its world-renowned healthcare industry are utilizing 3D-printing to improve health care.


Ohio’s Fintech71 Welcomes Inaugural Global Cohort

10 fintech entrepreneurs embark on a 10 week journey
Valentina Isakina, JobsOhio Managing Director
September 20, 2017

The first 10 fintech entrepreneurs have been named for Fintech71’s first 10-week program. These entrepreneurs will learn from mentors and network with industry leaders as they’re on their way to impacting the world.

Stolle Canton, August, 2016

Ohio is Attracting World Leading Companies with Affordability and Talent

Excellence in manufacturing doesn't always come with a high price
Glenn Richardson, Managing Director of Advanced Manufacturing, JobsOhio
September 19, 2017

These three companies rely on seamless, competitive operations to exceed customer expectations. The advanced manufacturing industry in Ohio is attracting global leaders because of Ohio's skilled manufacturing talent and affordable price tag.

Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

Ohio’s ManuFACTuring Advantage: Fast Facts at a Glance

Short, sweet and to-the-point facts about manufacturing in Ohio
Glenn Richardson, JobsOhio Managing Director
September 12, 2017

Ohio has an array of research resources, collaboration opportunities and benefits that make Ohio the place to be for the rapidly evolving world of modern manufacturing. Whether a company is looking for workforce or R&D, they'll find it in Ohio.

Ohio’s Freight Industry: Today’s Story, Tomorrow’s Opportunities

Ohio's freight industry today and where it is going
Ted Griffith, Managing Director of Logistics and Distribution, JobsOhio
August 23, 2017

The future of logistics cannot exist without embracing technology. At the 2017 Ohio Conference on Freight, attendees not only got a look into how Ohio is currently innovating, but also where it should invest in the years to come.