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JobsOhio’s managing directors and other senior level team members are experts in business and industry with decades of experience at some of the world’s leading companies. Our executives regularly publish blogs that provide valuable insight, expert commentary and general information about topics relevant to Ohio economic development. Their thought leadership helps business leaders – both those in Ohio and those thinking about coming to Ohio – learn about and understand the benefits of doing business in Ohio.


Ohio Offers the Top-Rated Business Climate in the Midwest

Andrew Deye, Senior Director, JobsOhio
December 12, 2016
Techstars, Network Catalyst, John Hill kicks off FounderCon 2016 at Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati Ohio.

Growing Startups in Ohio for 180+ Years

The choice of Cincinnati as host of FounderCon validates city's history of helping startups.
Johnna Reeder, President and CEO, REDI Cincinnati
November 15, 2016

Cincinnati welcomed nearly 1,500 entrepreneurs and tech industry leaders for Techstar's annual FounderCon conference. Wi-Fi availability, cool vibes in the region and a welcoming community are among some of the reasons why the attendees gave rave reviews of the city.


Ohio Offers Access to Fintech Future

Ohio Team Heads to Money20/20 to Build Partnerships
Valentina Isakina, JobsOhio Managing Director, Financial Services & Select HQs
October 20, 2016

Ohio boldly shares its advantageous financial landscape at Money20/20. A tech-savvy workforce, access to global leaders in the financial industry and cost advantages are contributing to Ohio's reputation as a fintech powerhouse.

Ohio Governor, John R. Kasich (right) and Amazon Vice President of Global Public Policy, Paul Misener announce multiple investments and commitments in 2015.

I.T.’s On in Ohio

Amazon Web Services comes to Ohio
Ted Griffith, JobsOhio Managing Director, Information Technology, Logistics & Distribution
October 17, 2016

From the world’s top technology companies to hard-working entrepreneurs, Amazon Web Services (AWS) plays an important role in fast and secure services. Now AWS is strategically investing in Ohio to better serve its customers.


No Matter Where You Locate in Ohio, You Can Get it There From Here

Air, land and water: Ohio's infrastructure has it all
Ted Griffith, JobsOhio Managing Director, Logistics & Distribution and Information Technology
August 25, 2016

Make it here and ship it anywhere. Ohio has an infrastructure that is almost too good to be true when it comes to logistics advantages. Unlike many other states, Ohio's logistics and distribution assets offer an omni-channel experience with a multitude of seamless and flexible choices at your fingertips.

Introducing the JobsOhio Research & Development Center Grant Program

R&D center grant will expand the breadth and strength of R&D in Ohio
Andrew Deye, JobsOhio Senior Director of Strategy
August 22, 2016

New R&D Center Grant Program offers $50 million of funding to help further innovation in JobsOhio's nine targeted industries. This new grant will help companies make strategic investments in new R&D Centers that support existing and emerging sectors. The grant program is accessible to middle-market companies, designed for for-profit companies and non-profit institutes, and focused on the future commercialization of these facilities.