Next-Generation Manufacturing Driven by Talent and Innovation


Manufacturing is evolving and it's happening in Ohio.

Ohio supports some of the world's greatest manufacturing industries – industries built on generations of manufacturing strength and kept alive by manufacturing innovation. Ohio is a leader in the production of composites, plastics and rubber and is an innovative force in cultivating advancements in additive manufacturing (3-D printing), automation and the Internet of Things.

Ohio’s workforce and resources support company growth. The history of Ohio’s manufacturing industry spans a wide array of sectors including automotive, food processing, and aerospace and aviation. Ohio remains at the competitive forefront of Industry 4.0 with companies that drive global technological advancements and develop new processes and materials.

In Ohio, you can:

  • Access the nation’s third largest manufacturing workforce. Ohio’s manufacturing workforce – the third largest in the U.S. – is educated in classrooms and trained in the field through universities, co-ops, technical centers, mobile training units, trade schools and apprenticeships to meet your workforce needs at every level.
  • Save money and time operating amid a strong cluster of North American manufacturing resources, with the ability to reach customers and suppliers in a timely manner via a multifaceted infrastructure.
  • Leverage innovation partnerships with industry-leading organizations, academic centers, and other intellectual and business platforms to collaborate on innovative R&D opportunities, which will allow your company to gain access to markets faster.

Ohio is where manufacturing talent and next-generation innovation come together to build the future of industry throughout the world.

Kadant Consolidates Manufacturing and Office Operations

Kadant Consolidates Manufacturing and Office Operations

Manufacturer consolidates national and international business in Ohio
May 3, 2018

Kadant Black Clawson has opened a new facility in Lebanon, Ohio. The facility is a consolidation of office and manufacturing operations from facilities in Alabama, Sweden and around Ohio. Kadant Black Clawnson believes this will improve operating efficiencies, give them access to quality talent and be able to accommodate future expansion.

Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Achilles’ Heel

Addressing the Manufacturing Workforce Achilles’ Heel

Ohio has proven solutions to the manufacturing workforce gap
Glenn Richardson, managing director, JobsOhio
April 12, 2018

Manufacturers are concerned about finding associates for their operations. Fortunately, Ohio has the existing talent and demonstrated methods of cultivating talent to ensure that companies build the workforce of the future – their workforce.


Carbon Fiber Poised to Revolutionize Ohio Industries

Stronger and lighter materials appeal to many industries
Glenn Richardson, managing director of advanced manufacturing, JobsOhio
April 5, 2018

Carbon fiber is five times stronger than steel, but about two-thirds the weight and is heat resistant. JobsOhio has made it a priority to foster carbon fiber and carbon fiber composite advancements that are cost-effective using Ohio's many resources.

NDC Technologies’ new Huber Heights headquarters means an additional 42 jobs for the Dayton region and an opportunity for some of its employees to make a big move to Ohio.

The world's number one plastics industry ecosystem
The world's number one plastics industry ecosystem

Ohio: The Number 1 Plastics Producer in the U.S.

Fueled by innovation and talent, Ohio is the number one plastics producer in the U.S. With a strategic location giving access to suppliers and customers, Ohio based plastic and rubber companies produce over $5 billion worth of products annually.