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Aerospace & Aviation

When the Wright Brothers took flight, the impossible became possible. Since then, flight has evolved, and Ohio has played a central role in propelling aerospace and aviation.

For years, Ohio has been a hub of aerospace and aviation industry activity. Aerospace companies in the state can integrate into a leading supply chain and grow extensively through a thriving business climate. In Ohio, key advancements supported by over $12 billion in science and engineering research and development spending unlock opportunities across the entire aerospace and aviation industry.

In Ohio, you can:

  • Benefit from an established aerospace ecosystem that has made the state the No. 1 supplier to both Boeing and Airbus.
  • Partner with highly regarded organizations in academia, the public sector and private industry, such as TechSolve, NASA Glenn Research Center and the University of Dayton Research Institute, to develop and commercialize advancements in aerospace.
  • Get ahead by taking advantage of newer innovations, such as the first site in the United States that will offer innovators of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) the capability to fly and test next-generation systems beyond visual line of sight in the National Airspace System.
  • Build a workforce that is tailored to your needs by hiring from a strong talent pool of engineers and manufacturers and by cooperating with academic institutions and public organizations to create customized training programs.

Ohio is prepared for the future of aerospace and aviation. When it comes to launching your business, there's no better place than Ohio to let your ideas take flight.

Aerospace Ecosystem Within the State of Ohio
Aerospace Ecosystem Within the State of Ohio

Aerospace Ecosystem Within the State of Ohio

The aerospace ecosystem in Ohio includes research and development, manufacturers, and supply chain.

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