Ohio’s a Living Lab for Smart Mobility Research, Development and Testing


Ohio is the ideal location for researchers, developers and manufacturers to create, test, make, deploy and commercialize self-driving and connected vehicle technologies.

There’s really no better place than Ohio when it comes to smart mobility. With an unmatched combination of assets and resources, Ohio is the perfect place for companies involved in developing, testing and making new automotive and transportation technologies. For starters:

  • Ohio has a strong automotive industry known for driving innovation.
  • Ohio has a competitive business climate with a favorable tax structure and a regulatory environment, which are both conducive to innovations in smart mobility.
  • Ohio’s geography, location, weather conditions and mix of urban and rural areas provide a diverse landscape for researchers and manufacturers to test and develop smart mobility technologies.
  • Ohio has the automotive, engineering, manufacturing and IT talent needed to drive smart mobility innovations.

In addition to those assets, Ohio has several smart resources that position the state as a proving grounds for next-generation technologies that will enable a safer and more efficient transportation future. From the Transportation Research Center and Smart Columbus to OSU’s Center for Automotive Research and the state’s various open-road testing sites for autonomous and connected vehicles, Ohio’s concentration of smart mobility resources is at your fingertips.

Managing Directors

Kristi Tanner
Senior Managing Director

Ohio’s Smart Mobility Resource and Assets

Ohio’s assets for the future of autonomous and connected vehicles
Kristi Tanner, managing director, JobsOhio
January 22, 2018

Ohio is doing more than entertaining the idea of smart mobility, it is taking smart products and putting them into testing. Across the state are assets contributing to the success of smart mobility advancements. In Ohio, a number of resources are available to support smart mobility advancement.


There’s No Place Better than Ohio for Smart Mobility

Ohio has the right mix of resources to research, test and, ultimately, bring to market smart mobility technologies
Kristi Tanner, senior managing director of automotive, JobsOhio
November 20, 2017

Ohio’s mix of industry, university, nonprofit and government partners are coming together to create a living lab for autonomous and connected vehicles. The innovation is contagious and its benefits are continuing to attract companies exploring smart mobility.


Autoliv-Nissin Brake Systems (ANBS), a joint venture between Autoliv and Nissin Kogyo, will establish a manufacturing facility in Findlay, its first in the United States. The company produces electronic brake systems and technology for autonomous and light vehicles. As mobility gets smarter, stronger, lighter and more eco-friendly, ANBS is also making it safer – from Ohio!


Ohio: America’s Innovation Corridor

A strong IT innovation network drives the evolution of smart mobility
Milind Paranjape, director of information technology, JobsOhio
November 13, 2017

Ohio supports a strong network of academic institutions, research facilities and businesses that collaborate, discover and commercialize new innovation. In the age of smart transportation, Ohio’s collaborative IT innovation network plays a large role in the technology that powers automated and autonomous vehicles, among other things.


German automotive supplier establishes Wooster plant as its U.S. center for advanced e-mobility development

Schaeffler Group Celebrates 40 Years in Wooster with Plant Expansion
November 2, 2017

40 years after establishing its roots in the United States, Germany-based Schaeffler unveils its new, expanded facility. The high-tech facility will serve as the global center of competency for Schaeffler production.

Acura, a division of American Honda, is manufacturing its next-generation supercar – the NSX – in Marysville. Located in the midst of Honda’s existing R&D, engineering and production operations sits the Performance Manufacturing Center, a $70 million advanced manufacturing facility created specifically to build the dream supercar.