Invest in Ohio’s Financial Services Innovation


Why Ohio? Ohio is second only to New York City for the number of top U.S. bank and insurance company headquarters.

Sophisticated, experienced and digital-savvy talent is abundant; a low cost of living compared to other digital hubs means an unmatched cost advantage; and Ohio supports a collaborative banking, insurance and financial services environment to foster innovation across the state. Investing in Ohio means:

  • Easy access to innovation collaboration. A two-hour direct flight or array of transportation options connects you to about 75 percent of the North American financial services industry, including Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 headquarters.
  • Big opportunity, low cost. Commercial rent is ¼ the cost of New York City and employees also benefit from a great lifestyle for less.
  • Bringing talent to your company’s doorstep. Ohio universities produce 35,000 graduates annually - both millennials and not - including innovation leaders in banking, insurance and financial services.
  • Fintech innovation initiatives. Fintech71, a global fintech accelerator focused on entrepreneurial growth in fintech innovation, is based in Ohio.

Ohio is the premier location for businesses given its financial services, innovation network, abundant tech-savvy talent and top-rated banking business climate.

To learn more about the invaluable assets and resources Ohio can deliver your Financial Services company, contact Valentina Isakina.

Managing Directors

Ohio Is Poised to Lead the Way Into the Blockchain Age

New law protects firms developing innovative uses for blockchain technology
August 6, 2018

On Aug. 3, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed legislation that will stimulate business investment in blockchain technology to transmit and store electronic records in a wide range of industries. The new law makes Ohio one of the first U.S. states to provide legal protection to firms developing new uses for this cutting-edge technology

Columbus-Based Root Insurance Announces Significant Expansion in Ohio

Columbus-Based Root Insurance Announces Significant Expansion in Ohio

Insurtech disruptor plans to grow its workforce by more than 500 percent over the next three years
June 8, 2018

Root Insurance is a fast-growing insurtech company that provides customers a personalized car insurance rate based primarily on their driving behaviors. Founded in Ohio in 2015, Root Insurance is now available in 17 states. To meet the growing demand for its product, Root recently announced a significant expansion in Ohio. The company credits its choice to reinvest in Columbus to the quality of the region’s workforce and the city’s rapidly growing reputation as a tech startup hub.

Paycor is a perfect example of a fintech company that transformed itself from a small homegrown Ohio startup into a large, fast-growing and innovative human resources and payroll solutions company with customers in all 50 states. Due to Paycor’s rapid growth, it outgrew its relatively new office building in Norwood.

Fast-Growing Fintech Company Matic Expands in Columbus

Fast-Growing Fintech Company Matic Expands in Columbus

Digital insurance agency confident in region's resources to advance fintech growth
March 26, 2018

Matic is a technology-driven insurance agency using fintech solutions that match mortgage lenders with homeowners who need insurance quotes. The company is confident that Columbus's fintech talent, entrepreneurial climate and vibrant economy will continue to fuel the company's escalating success.


Local Support Helps Tech Company Sedgwick Grow

Expansion will create at least 100 jobs
February 26, 2018

Technology solutions provider, Sedgwick, values the strong relationships it has created in the Columbus Region and will be expanding in Hilliard.


Ohio Offers Access to Fintech Future

Ohio Team Heads to Money20/20 to Build Partnerships
Valentina Isakina, JobsOhio Managing Director, Financial Services & Select HQs
October 20, 2016

Ohio boldly shares its advantageous financial landscape at Money20/20. A tech-savvy workforce, access to global leaders in the financial industry and cost advantages are contributing to Ohio's reputation as a fintech powerhouse.