Ohio: Build What’s Next


Dreams are where the world’s greatest innovations begin.

Thanks to the amazing evolution of technology, ideas and dreams are breaking free from the limits of “what could be,” and becoming “what is.” From health tech to fintech, artificial intelligence to robotics, autonomous vehicles to 3-D printing, and beyond – it’s happening in Ohio.

In Ohio, you:

  • Will have access to one of the highest concentrations of tech jobs in the nation. Which means: You’ll be able to hire trained talent and access a growing market.
  • Will operate at about 69 percent less compared to San Francisco at a cost of living around 50 percent less for your employees. Which means: You can spend more money on innovation and growth instead of on operating costs.
  • Can easily access Fortune 500 companies and public-private partnerships. Which means: You will be able to collaborate with the most brilliant minds in the industry to grow your company and revolutionize the industry.

What you conceive and what you can achieve are beyond even your wildest dreams in Ohio.
We’re making digital dreams come true.
Build the future, your future, in Ohio.

Ohio Innovates and Collaborates to Build Future Cybersecurity Workforce

Ohio Innovates and Collaborates to Build Future Cybersecurity Workforce

Education programs and hands-on cyber competitions across the state draw interest in Ohio’s cybersecurity careers
Ted Griffith, managing director of IT, JobsOhio
July 25, 2018

Threats of cyberattacks and data breaches continue to grow for businesses and organizations of all sizes. As a result, Ohio, and the country as a whole, have developed a need for cybersecurity professionals to defend against cyber criminals. As Ohio takes steps toward becoming a national technology hub, educational institutions, businesses and state organizations are collaborating to provide innovative education and training in cybersecurity to establish a talent pipeline for technology professionals.


Cool Cincinnati Startup Excels in Ohio Tech Environment

Tech companies thrive with cost savings, talent
Milind Paranjape, director, JobsOhio
March 28, 2018

No longer will data be hindered by a lost signal or lack of Wi-Fi. LISNR, a Cincinnati startup, is turning heads with its advanced data-over-audio technology, proving that amazing tech advancements are happening in Ohio.

Cybersecurity Firm Opens Two Security Operations Centers in Cleveland

Cybersecurity Firm Opens Two Security Operations Centers in Cleveland

MCPc opens two centers - one for large-scale cybersecurity operations and another for decommissioning computers
March 1, 2018

MCPc seizes opportunities in Northeast Ohio, including the launch of a highly secure facility for recycling computers as well as a cybersecurity operations center, which is close to a large concentration of companies that need it most. The company anticipates the need for additional talent, from entry-level positions upward.

Hyland’s recently announced expansion plans to create 500 jobs is part of a growing trend among IT companies: expand in Ohio and operate with a Silicon Valley mindset, without the Silicon Valley cost.

Making Digital Dreams Come True
Making Digital Dreams Come True

Making Digital Dreams Come True

Ohio is where ideas transform from theories into reality. Through a network of collaboration, a skilled workforce and a unique environment conducive to success, Ohio is making dreams come true because it is investing in innovation.


Billions of people will be connected globally with help from New Albany data center.

Opportunity in Ohio: Cybersecurity

Ohio is differentiated from other U.S. states in having three institutions of higher education housing National Security Agency (NSA) Centers of Academic Excellence (CAEs). CAEs for Cyber Defense programs are focused on reducing vulnerability in U.S. national information infrastructure by promoting higher education and research in cyber defense and producing professionals with cyber defense expertise.

Ohio Supercomputer Center and OARnet

Ohio’s technology infrastructure includes advantageous resources such as the Ohio Supercomputer Center and the Ohio Academic Resources Network (OARnet). The Ohio Supercomputer Center is a publicly owned supercomputer that provides integrated hardware, software and consulting. OARnet connects academia, research and business at a faster speed, with higher security at lower cost, enabling resource sharing across the state. Click the brochure below to learn more about the benefits of these resources.