PTTGC America in Ohio

Plans continue forward by PTTGC America to construct a world-scale ethane cracker in Ohio and leverage the natural gas supply provided by the Utica shale formation. 

JobsOhio, the State of Ohio, and various state and local agencies continue collaborating with PTTGC America as the company evaluates a Belmont County, Ohio site for the construction of a world-scale ethane cracker. Bookmark the page to stay up-to-date on the company’s progress selecting Ohio for the development of a petrochemical complex.



PTT Global Chemical America Investing In Eastern Ohio chronicles the development of the Belmont County site identifed by PTTGC America for possible construction of a world-scale ethane cracker. PTTGC America is conducting engineering reviews of the Mead Township property on the Ohio side of the Ohio river to leverage close access to the Utica Shale formation. For more information from PTTGC America on the company’s potential investment in Ohio CLICK HERE > 


"Plant Complex Would Benefit Whole Area." In an open letter published by The Intelligencer. Wheeling-News Register, Ed Good, Mead County Board of Trustees outlines the positive response to the proactive approach PTTGC America is taking during the evaluation of the identified Belmont County site under consideration for a world-scale ethane cracker. He indicates PTTGC America continues interacting with diverse groups including elected officials, community leaders, and project-area property owners listening to concerns, answering questions, and responding to challenges. READ MORE >


"Ohio Ethane Cracker Site Being Cleared; Investment Decision Still to Come.” The Natural Gas Intel reports former FirstEnergy coal-fired Burger Power Plant is being demolished in Belmont County, Ohio to make way for the proposed PTT Global Chemical proposed ethane cracker. READ MORE >