Food & Agribusiness

Phillips Meat Processing Expands Driven by Kroger Demand

Renovation and expansion includes improved freshness, productivity and capacity
July 31, 2018

Phillips Meat Processing is renovating and expanding its current facility in to include a freezer, blast chiller and smoker room, as well as more capacity for production. This growth is due in large part to requests from major food retailer and customer, Kroger, which wants more products to sell in stores.


Highly-Automated Food Distribution Center Opens in Findlay

High-tech location will employ 400
December 4, 2017

McLane Company Inc. is a leading supply chain provider in food service and groceries for convenient stores, markets, merchants and restaurants in the United States. Following an announcement in February 2016 to open a highly-automated facility in Findlay, McLane Co. cuts the ribbon on its newest location which will employ over 400 skilled positions.

Canada-Based Produce Grower Chooses Ohio for Its Greenhouse Operations in U.S.

March 29, 2017

Golden Fresh Farms cultivates 52 full-time positions and invests $22.5 million.


World’s Largest Food Manufacturer to Expand in Solon

Nestlé USA commits 300+ jobs
February 9, 2017

Nestlé USA relocates 300 jobs from California to Solon, Ohio. This move strategically places more operations closer to its factories. Technical, production and supply chain roles add $41 million in new payroll and will join the existing 2,000 employees at the Northeast Ohio campus.

Nestlé’s Latest Investment in R&D Means Job Growth in Ohio

$31 Million Investment Expands Dublin Product Testing Lab
August 22, 2016

Nestlé is upgrading its Quality Assurance Center in Dublin, Ohio. The company invests $31 million to add a 32,000-square-foot microbiology lab, and an additional $10 million worth of testing equipment. This boost makes the R&D center the company's most sophisticated center yet and it will help Nestlé achieve its goal of becoming a world leader in customer health.